Hurry Up and Wait

               That's what Andrew and I are doing. Hurry up and waiting. Dr. Winchester (my breast surgeon) told me that they would find a good plastic surgeon to work with both my Hughes Syndrome and make sure that everyone was comfortable with my "special" set of medical circumstances and considerations.  So we are waiting. She did tell me before the end of March, so that's next week.

              In other news, Andrew and I are just working hard, enjoying the break in the weather, and we got to spend some time with each other during spring break even though I worked the entire week.
We DID get to go see Mary Poppins with CharACTers Entertainment in Gadsden, AL. If you haven't seen these folks, they are amazing. You can check them out here.

Here we are at Mary Poppins, waiting for the show to begin. 

Also, bonus! It's spring time! So my roses have started to bloom! 

This is just one. They are full bloom now and I'm too lazy to get up and take another photo.

And HERE we have Andrew and Luna communicating telepathically while laying on me. Good times and I'm thankful he got to take a few days off to spend with me.

Other than that, not much is going on. It's about another month of school left and finals are coming up, so there may not be another post until AFTER finals, and then we'll be getting into the meat of this surgery journey. I'm super nervous and super excited about meeting a plastic surgeon that I LIKE. Also I keep randomly bursting into inappropriate conversation about my boobs which is probably not okay, but what can I say? I'm also randomly thinking of questions I need to ask the plastic surgeon (Hereafter known as PS) so I guess I should get a notebook and start writing everything down.

Anyways. Most of my family has been supportive of my decision. A couple were not at all. And my boss is great. When he asked what my schedule for the summer was (I was going to wait to tell him about the surgery until I had a date) I went ahead and told him I could work full time or whatever he needed, but then I told him about this and that I wanted to do it before I start law school. He was so awesome. Said he completely agreed with that and thought it was a good idea, and to let him know if he could do anything. Great to have such an awesome attorney/boss.

Until I hear more, tata for now. 

(Get it? Haha.)

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