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Something Borrowed....

As previously mentioned, I'm discovering that weddings are much more involved than I expected. That being said, I've dedicated this next post to just that. For those of you planning a wedding, remember the little things. 1. A coordinator doesn't cost a lot, and takes away a LOT of stress. Ours cost less than a grand for decorating, organizing, handling everything the day of, and helping me stress over those small details a year in advance. 2. - This website is amazing. From their silly stories to their wonderful advice, I've spent many a boring night on this website, taking notes, pinning, and making lists. You can't go wrong here. 3. Hand your stress to other people. Give those friends and family that want to help things to do. Let your control freak go and just do it. I promise you'll be so much happier for it. Take the time you're saving and go see a movie, read a book, do some homework, or take a nap. Better yet, spend time with the man (or woman) that you are planning to start your life with. 4. Are you like me and spending your every available moment on pinterest? Well then this site is for you. is like the pinterest of weddings. Go here. Sign up. Love it. I do. That's all for now, but remember ladies, take time for yourselves. The best thing you can do right now is to spend time with your sweetheart, and try not to stress too much. This is a celebration of your love, not something to stress over. 215 days!


Mom said…
I love it. I this the idea you have for this blog for now is a good one Sweetie. I love you

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