Things Are Starting To Happen!

Well, I just talked to the director at the humane society where I volunteer ( a really great lady), and after I told her I had a second car, finally, she asked me to come in so we can talk about me being put on the schedule to work. For money. YAY! So, woohoo! Aaron starts truck driving school next Monday, locally. That is three weeks, and then he'll go to the orientation for three weeks.

We've also decided to adopt internationally. We are looking into Russia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine. So...yeah. I think we've found an agency. I need to show Aaron the agency I've been looking at, but I think we have. Things are moving. Yay!

Oh, and Bugsy's name was changed to Malone. He just couldn't figure out what his name was, and the other two dogs would come when I called Bugsy. Right now the little turd is running around the house full speed ahead. Too funny.
More photos later.

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