Until The End Of Time

"Until The End of Time"

For Huck

When I'm eighty-three, and you're eighty-nine,
You can barely walk for fear you'll crack your spine,
I'll bring dinner to the aging bed,
Laugh at all the silly things you said, and
Wipe your chin 'cause you can't feel it anymore.

As I wobble with my cane, complain about the pain,
Eat mushy food cause all the solid has been
Chewed by young teeth long, long gone,
I'll smile because I love you, even if the rest are falling out.

When you awaken in the morning, to blind me with
A baldhead that makes me scream and shout
For fear that it was the sun coming out,
I'll calm myself with blue-eyes rimmed in red,
Only to rub that bald and precious head I love so much.

As the day draws near for our children to show,
Bringing grandkids who never let us forget we are old,
I'll tell how you loved me so, and never, ever let me go.

Even though I'm eighty three, and you're eighty-nine,
We've been together forever, and I'll still love you
Until the end of time.

Krystal Dawn Monroe

© 2002

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