Etowah County Humane Society

On the Fourth of July, the Etowah County Humane Society held a fundraiser for the shelter, by holding a costume contest and parade. The categories were owner/dog lookalike, most patriotic, and .....shoot. Something else. Maybe it will come to me. We were in the sun for a while, so, my brain is a little fried. Oh! The third one was best costume. We only had around 20 or 25 people enter, but we still raised some money, which is great, because they are having to ask people to take pay cuts, etc just to keep the shelter open. Of course, everyone there is an animal lover, so they have. Here are some photos I was able to get of some of the costumes.

This big guy and his owner were in the contest for the owner/dog lookalike. You'll won't see the little boy because I don't like posting pictures of people without their permission, especially children.This little lady was in the running for the most patriotic. Isn't she ADORABLE?

This poor guy got shaved and dyed. Oh well. He was a cutie. Not really sure what he was in for. Best costume maybe?

Well I know what I said about posting people I don't know, however, this costume was too good not to. This young lady and her baby won the owner/dog lookalike contest. She did a great job!

We'll have more events throughout the year, and remember, if you don't live here in Alabama, do your best to help by either spaying or neutering your pets, or donating to your local shelter. Even if it's just five dollars. Every little bit helps. Most shelters rely on food donations, as well as donations of time from volunteers, veterinarians, etc.

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