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School, The Animal Shelter, and More

Well, I started school last Tuesday. I am taking biology and orientation (I keep forgetting I even have that class, that's how easy it is.). I have my first biology test this upcoming Tuesday. Lectures are 4 hours. Wow right?

I volunteered at the animal shelter finally. I had my first day yesterday, and got to learn all about the shelter. When you walk in looking for a dog or cat, you see the "adoptables". There are generally, in a small place where we are, around 15 or 20.

When you go into the back, there are around 60 or 75 animals. Most are strays. Some were dropped off due to the economy. Some are puppies or kittens born in shelter.

When a momma comes in pregnant, she has the babies, they spay her and then pick the two most adoptable, healthy babies from the litter, and euthanize the rest.
I learned that from an momma and her offspring can produce 67,000 animals in just 5 years. Most of those get euthanized, if they make it to a shelter.

I also learned that once an animal has been in a shelter for a long time, they try to find "foster homes" for them using rescue groups like the Siberian Huskies of Alabama (I don't know if thats a real group, but its an example). If they can't, the animal will be euthanized.

I gave my first vaccine yesterday, and for those of you who know me well, you know my hands always shake, no matter what. My hands were steady as you please. Not a tremor.
The puppy didn't yelp. Yay!

The director is going to teach me everything in the back, meaning euthanizing, all the exams stuff, everything. I can't actually euthanize an animal myself, I would have to get a license, and I am not thrilled about the thought. But then, I have to think, what would that animal suffer through on the street?

So please remember, my thought for the day....spay and neuter your pets. Wouldn't you hate to see their grandbabies in cages, possibly waiting for death? It's easy and cheap.

Spay and neuter.

This is an article from a place here in Alabama. 9,000 spays and neuters in one year, averaging 55 a day. And it's not expensive.



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