SHAME ON ME! I am a bad stepmother.

Here I am showing everyone how great Daniel did in his showcase, and I never said ANYTHING about Ashley's band competition! I am such a bad step-mom. Well, I guess it fits, since I tell them I am the wicked-evil-stepmom-with-the-hairy-stepmother-wart-on-her-nose.

On May 10, Aaron met Ashley and her band at Carrowinds, which is an amusement park in North Carolina. Ashley is in 6th grade, and her band had a competition with other bands there. So she asked her dad to be a chaperon. Oh what fun. Bless his heart, he had just as much fun as they did. He ended up chaperoning two of her friends, as well as Ashley. She plays the clarinet in the band. They ended up getting ALL SUPERIORS! Which, if you are not band savvy, that is the best that they can get. Wow huh? I am so proud of her. Look at those two. Goofy goobers.

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