I Am So A Student!

So I finally got EVERYTHING together - the VA stuff (which was the the problem last semester, and the semester before), and my books, and my classes, got my ID!!!!!! And my parking tag, and I am sooooo a student. WHOOHOO! I know, I know. But still. And now that Aaron's disability was upped I can go to school for four years for free. AFTER my GI Bill is out. The GI Bill will be up in three years, so I am going to bust my but to get my undergrad work done, and YAY! Then when I am ready to transfer to Auburn, I will have everything paid for. Does that not ROCK ON or WHAT?!?! Our God is an AWESOME GOD! Now, if we could just find work.....I think He is testing our faith. I have faith. I know we will be fine. So YAY! By the way, this is me learning school spirit. Lol.

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