Hurry Up- And Wait

Well, my sweety pie and I are sitting around, doing loads of stuff around the house (yeah right), and waiting on 1. my school to start; B. the closing date for the jobs he applied for, and 3. the vocational rehab people from the VA to call him back. (LOOK at that picture. Awww. He bwoke his wake).

My first day of classes is June 2. If he starts Vo Rehab then he will be paid to go to school, they will pay FOR his school, plus I will be in school receiving my GI Bill. That's in addition to his disability check. So far no one has called him back, or me for that matter, for work, so we are trying to make the best of things. Tom and Jo, his parents, are moving out. They found an inexpensive place about 6 miles from here, and it's also an apartment that has stuff inside in case one of them falls, or needs emergency help right away. Thank God. I don't like to worry about them, and now I know that they are close by, we can be right there, and if we CAN'T get right there, then someone else can. Thank goodness.

So please be praying for us. We are still both steadily searching for work, however, we are kinda getting down to the wire, since we are running out of money. God is good, and He will provide for us. I know He will. I am so blessed, and I don't deserve any of it. I am finally memmorizing some of my Bible verses! Yay! Okay, that's about it, but yeah. We are just sorta here for now. We'll be moving Tom and Jo out of the house this week and next, and just kinda going from there.

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