Couple Ordered To Stop Holding Bible Study In Their Home

Sadly, in today's time, in our country, this is really happening. I'll always include the links to let you know where I got the story from, however, to basically put it in a nutshell, San Diego County, of California (in case you live under a rock), wants this pastor and his wife to pay for a permit if they are going to have people gathered in their home for Bible study.


The date of this report is May 28, 2009.

Sadly, now people are talking about our guns being taken away, and recently we heard that a mother and father were basically forced to give their child chemotherapy, although the child didn't want it either.

Here in my city, we are having GM franchises being closed by the government.

So regardless of whether you are a Christian or not, isn't this a little much? Just a thought......If I were to rant and rave, well, you would never get out of here, and I wouldn't be able to quit writing. I could say a lot on this. Just read the article. Comment back if you want. Send this to your friends. Scary.....scary....scary.

"God has never taken his eyes off you. Not for a millisecond. He’s always near. He lives to hear your heartbeat. He loves to hear your prayers. He’d die for your sin before he’d let you die in your sin, so he did.

What do you do with such a Savior? Don’t you sing to him? Don’t you declare, confess, and proclaim his name? Don’t you bow a knee, lower a head, hammer a nail, feed the poor, and lift up your gift in worship? Of course you do.

Worship God. Applaud him loud and often. For your sake, you need it.

And for heaven’s sake, he deserves it." - Max Lucado

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