Last Days, Tomorrow - A New Chapter

So today Huck and I spent the day together. First we dropped off his uniforms at work - POO TO THEM! - and then we just kinda hung out. We checked out the Harley shop in Anniston, and then went to an antique store, just your basic window shopping. I am soooo going to miss him. Our "uncle"/friend is also leaving Monday for his new job. He's been staying with us since January. So that's good. I've been trying not to think of how much I am going to miss Huck. I figure I can deal with it later. I don't want to make him think twice. I know he is going to have a hard time without me too. Especially considering the fact that we are much closer than normal married couples. SOOOOO....I am making him a special box to take with him, that he won't be able to open until he misses me so bad he can't stand it. THEN he can open it. What's in it? I dunno what I'll put in it yet. We'll see. So, tonight he'll have a good dinner, and tomorrow, and then tomorrow night I take him to the bus station. It will be at least three months before I see him again. Sigh. Okay, lets not think about that. Tonight we're going to veg together, play some cards, and just be. Tomorrow I'll pack his stuff for him, and yeah. Okay all, so yeah, extra prayers for both of us, and keep in tough with me. I'm gonna need it, and so will he.


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