Howdy To Those Who Really Care

So, while on the phone with my Huckleberry, I found out that someone is printing off my blog and passing it around the company we used to work at. HOW FUNNY! So, to those of you who are doing so...SAY HI!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo proud that someone thinks that we are so interesting that they pass my blog out. Or maybe I am overestimating myself....Who knows.

Huck is in Dallas. Yay for him! His CDL test is Wednesday, and then the week after that is his road test in the BIG truck. Then from there he should be going on the road. So we are jazzed. I HATE being away from him.

I did soooo good last night when I dropped him off. I dropped him off, teared up a little bit, and then turned around and left without looking back. I was accosted by a middle aged lady who asked if he was a truck driver, and I said, "He is now." I was still a little teary-eyed, but she talked to me and told me it will get better. I BROKE DOWN last night after I had a panic attack at home, but after talking to Huck, and then my Daddy, I am much better. YAY!

I just got back from church tonight, and the message was great. It was about being consumed by God, and seeking God with desperation. Bro. Roger challenged us to pray this week without ceasing, spend more time in our Bible, and to try to have a spiritual awareness every day, and every moment. I am really going to try. So, I guess I need to go, because I have to decide where I want to start reading in my Bible. But, anyways. Pray for us. This is going to be hard.

P.S. Pray for my friend Dustin.


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