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Swapping Time

It's funny what happens when you become a mom. First, survival. Feed the baby. Change the baby. Eat. Sleep.

Then you get into a new normal. Once that happens, it's almost like survival mode never happened. And there will always be "survival" mode depending on the phase you're in. Currently The Boy is rapidly approaching toddlerhood. Our new normal means I sit VERY close during this super crazy separation anxiety phase and wait for him to pause during play to come back for a hug. So far, there's no survival mode - I'm certain it's coming.

Once you find your new normal you start to incorporate life back into your life. You know. School, work, friends, etc. Currently I'm sitting at home, having skipped class to get time alone. My husband is at work. My son is with a friend. My feet are cold. Everything is as it should be.

My sweet son is the best thing ever.
Also I have a story for you.
Many of you have heard me complain of the difficulty in showering …