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Turning Pages

So a new school year is here and for me that means buckling down and getting even busier than I've been this year in an effort to graduate this upcoming May. What did the new school year bring for you? For one of my best friends, her very last child and only little boy started kindergarten this year. He's gone from a streaker to a little man who puts his clothes on and goes to school!

In other news, we're seeing two more weddings as my husbands father gets remarried this September and his best friend gets married in October. It's been a busy year.

Hopefully I'll have time to continue to post, but lets be honest, it's not as if I'm posting about anything important. Maybe I'll find a soapbox and get up on it for a while.

Or maybe I won't. Enjoy the end of the summer. A little birdie told me it was going to be a very cold winter.