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Fall is Here!

Well, Aaron is home for the week, or was, he leaves tomorrow. He still has another month or thereabouts of training to get through. Then, full paycheck, benefits, I can see the doc for my back, and yay! We'll be PEOPLE again! I am still in school, Eng, Psych, Theatre, and started my clinicals and am working at the shelter still. I miss my baby when he is gone, but as long as my power is on, I am gravy. It's nice to have him home, and then send him off knowing we'll miss each other, but we are both doing something we love. Well, he is, and I will be soon.
Started writing again, thanks to a below the belt remark by Aaron that I needed. Lol. So I hopefully won't be around as much. My goal is to have this book done by the time I am 30. After that, it will all be down hill. Whoohoo!
Ciao all! ~K~