Death in Winter

A year ago tomorrow, my future family lost a Mom. A Mom who was a companion, a friend, a lover, and so much more. Her death has left such a void in my life, my fiance’s life, and my father in laws life. That was evidenced today by the collage of wedding photos he made surrounded by flowers to put on her grave. While tomorrow is the anniversary of her death, today would be Tim and Annette’s thirty-second wedding anniversary. This hits home even more, and hurts so much more as we are thirty days from mine and Andrew’s wedding. When we learned that Annette was dying of cancer and had but weeks to live, she told us that she was going to make it to her anniversary. And she did. Annette was a teacher, a woman who had the ability of making you feel at home even when you weren’t. All of a sudden you’ve been in this strange home for two hours and you feel like you’ve been there a year. When Andrew and I started dating, Annette adopted me as one of her own, and treated me just so. I will love this woman until the day I die. When she died, a little, joyful part of me went too. I hope that I can live up to her memory while married to her son, and I wish that I could hug her just one more time. If you’ve lost a loved one recently, know you aren’t alone. “The pain is so intense, because the joy was so intense.” - Wesley Smith

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