There's going to be a wedding soon! I never realized how much planning went into something like this. Songs for the bride, songs for the moms, songs for the cake, the bouquet, the garter, the fake leave, the introduction. Thank you notes, gifts, cards, transportation and the money! Oh the money. I didn't realize how much all the little stuff would cost, even if it doesn't cost that much alone. Once you start adding it all up, it get's so expensive so fast. All in all though, aside from the little bickering we do, I'm still madly in love with this man. We recently celebrated a year together and it's gone by so fast. I didn't think it was possible for a year to fly like that.
Lately we've both started to recognize that even though we are planning for a wedding, it's more about us than it is this huge celebration. It's about learning to compromise and to be together, and setting all the stuff that doesn't matter to the side for the one you love. I'm getting MARRIED!!!!!!!!

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