All About You

The words and all the lies, the little things you never
Thought I’d call upon in circumstance and reflection,
You’re the man I can’t quit missing, the one I wish I could forget,
Fuck you for all the things you said that you never really did.

You left me unworthy, a broken shell in a cracking house,
Seeing all the signs but not looking for yourself.

You left me weak, a stupid little fool who won’t be free from the
Dreams and memories of times we laughed so hard we cried and
That stupid little bird who brings your face to mind needs to be
Shot and shot again, just one last time.

Damn you for making me think that it’s just me,
A broken, weak, cheap little thing who shouldn’t do it
Without you and won’t ever be right or free.

You always said you’d do anything, but I guess that lie has flown right
By since I called your bluff once again and oh shit here comes the reason…
Your boots are gone and you can’t swim in all the garbage you’ve been throwing
My way, so there’s no chance to make it up to me and get things right.

You set me up for a nasty fall, never caring if I saw at all the things
You said and the things you did to make me think I was your lovely one,
Now I see it was just a ruse, a complicated attitude, things that make
You feel good about you, but oh shit, look there she goes, it must be her fault after all.

© Krystal D.

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