Home Is Where The Heart Is

There are so many things that go into coming home. The circumstances why you are going home, who you are seeing and what you plan on doing while there. Whether it's a divorce, a death, a holiday or just plain ol' visit, we all (mostly) like to go home. It's like resetting your dial. You can recharge, relax, regardless of what's going on, and just in general remember where you came from.

There are several things I've learned just in my first day home:

1. I get my love of all cheeses from my dad.
2. I slept better in my bed at home than I have in the past year. That must mean my guard is completely down and I finally feel the safest I've been in a long time, whether it be emotionally or otherwise.

3. My mom loses half a foot while standing with her feet in the kitchen sink.
4. Big dogs are babies.
5. I look, sound, act and think just like my mom. This is so not a bad thing.
6. Sleeping under large wild animals is a good thing.
7. I'm very loved.
8. I'm blessed to have amazing, supportive, loving parents who would do anything for me.
9. My goofiness and little quirks come equally from both of my parents.
10. I get my goofy butt dance from my dad.

I love being home.

1 comment:

Mom said...

Aww. We're glad you're home and I'm glad you're sleeping well.
You'll find that because you are like me, you'll do strange things when you are older. My mother did, I do, you will, it's our life.
I love all your quirks and goofiness and must give you credit for creating some of your own without any help from us.
Stay wonderful, enjoy life and remember always that we do love you with all our hearts.