Badge of Courage

"Badge of Courage"

I wear this badge of courage on my chest,
To tell the world that I'm not like the rest…

I may be small and I may be frail,
But this little lady is tougher than nails.

I wear a badge of courage on my chest
To remind me of a weaker woman,

It's not small or silver, or a braided gold,
Just something that reminds me to let her go.

I may be tired and scared, but I'm not weak,
I'm the one who beat this thing while standing
Within arms open wide, on my own two feet.

Scars are brazen and never heal,
At least that's the way I think it feels.

Sexy is a state of mind, and if I am then so are you.
Does your badge lie upon your chest too?

Krystal D. Dailey

© 2004

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